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The 2003 OMRN National Conference includes a series of interactive workshops on important topics related to the management of Canada's oceans and coasts (see Workshop summaries »).

Working with the workshop convenors, the Maritime Awards Society of Canada is developing online Backgrounders to support these workshops. Each Backgrounder is intended to:

  • Review the background of the workshop topic,
  • Summarise the state of current research,
  • Propose avenues for future research, and
  • Suggest questions for discussion in the workshop.

The proceedings of each interactive workshop will be recorded and incorporated into a post-conference revision of the Backgrounders and an online Discussion Series that will be made available to the OMRN.

Access the Backgrounders

Workshop Backgrounders are available for the following topics:

For more information

To learn more about the 2003 OMRN National Conference and the interactive workshops please visit the OMRN National Secretariat web site.

To learn more about the development of the OMRN Workshop Backgrounders and the future development of the Discussion Series, please contact:

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