in memoriam

Douglas M. Johnston

1931 - 2006


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On May 6th, 2006, Douglas M. Johnston, a long serving Governor with The Maritime Awards Society of Canada, passed away after fighting a brave battle with cancer. He was 75.

Professor Johnston, Professor Emeritus at the University of Victoria, was the founding Director of Dalhousie's Marine Environment Law Programme (MELP), co-founder of Dalhousie's Oceans Studies Programme (DOSP) and a co-founder of the Southeast Asian Programme in Ocean Law, Policy and Management (SEAPOL).

Professor Johnston was formerly North American governor of the International Council on Environmental Law and a member of the Board of the Law of the Sea Institute (LSI).

He is author or editor of numerous works in the field of international law and policy, with special emphasis on fisheries, marine pollution, ocean boundary-making and treaty-making including the recent MASC publication "Revisiting the Law of the Sea." He has held the Chair in Asia-Pacific Legal Relations at the University of Victoria and was the Director of the Policy Research Programme at the National University of Singapore. He continues as Programme Director of SEAPOL. Professor Johnston committed a 5 year $ 5,000 annual scholarship to Dalhousie University to assist graduate students pursuing marine-related research.


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